Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Yummy Way to Cook A Turkey

Place whole, frozen turkey (thaw enough to remove giblets bag from inside turkey); or a turkey breast, (easiest way) in a roaster breast side up.
Pour 3 c. of chicken broth around turkey. (Canned broth or broth made with chicken bullion cubes.)
Sprinkle 2 TBSP. brown sugar into the broth.
Then over the top of the turkey sprinkle well with:
Dillweed (Note different than dill seed)
Black Pepper
Lemon Pepper
Rotisserie Chicken seasoning- until well covered!

Bake all night at 300 degrees
In the morning pick turkey out of roaster onto tray to cool enough to pick meat
off of bones.
Put meat back into the broth in the roaster (or into a crockpot).

Again- sprinkle with all the seasonings well over top.
Add more broth, enough to cover the deboned turkey meat.
Then add 2 Tbsp. of vinegar to the broth to tenderize the meat.
Recover and bake until noon on 250 degrees.

When ready to serve drain off the broth and thicken with cornstarch to make a gravy to eat with mashed potatoes. Makes a yummy flavored gravy and very moist turkey meat!

Ready to go into the oven! 

Finished baking! 
 photo bakedturkey_zpscdcf85c3.jpg

Picked off and ready to eat!
 photo Readyturkey_zpsb0e77408.jpg

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