Thursday, August 28, 2014

20 Things the Rich Do Every Day

So what do the rich do every day that the poor don’t do?

Tom Corley, on his website, outlines a few of the differences between the habits of the rich and the poor:
1. 70% of wealthy eat less than 300 junk food calories per day. 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day. 23% of wealthy gamble. 52% of poor people gamble.
2. 80% of wealthy are focused on accomplishing some single goal. Only 12% of the poor do this.
3. 76% of wealthy exercise aerobically 4 days a week. 23% of poor do this.
4. 63% of wealthy listen to audio books during commute to work vs. 5% for poor people.
5. 81% of wealthy maintain a to-do list vs. 19% for poor.
6. 63% of wealthy parents make their children read 2 or more non-fiction books a month vs. 3% for poor.
7. 70% of wealthy parents make their children volunteer 10 hours or more a month vs. 3% for poor.
8. 80% of wealthy make Happy Birthday calls vs. 11% of poor
9. 67% of wealthy write down their goals vs. 17% for poor
10. 88% of wealthy read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons vs 2% for poor.
11. 6% of wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% for poor.
12. 79% of wealthy network 5 hours or more each month vs. 16% for poor.
13. 67% of wealthy watch 1 hour or less of TV. every day vs. 23% for poor
14. 6% of wealthy watch reality TV vs. 78% for poor.
15. 44% of wealthy wake up 3 hours before work starts vs.3% for poor.
16. 74% of wealthy teach good daily success habits to their children vs. 1% for poor.
17. 84% of wealthy believe good habits create opportunity luck vs. 4% for poor.
18. 76% of wealthy believe bad habits create detrimental luck vs. 9% for poor.
19. 86% of wealthy believe in life-long educational self-improvement vs. 5% for poor.
20. 86% of wealthy love to read vs. 26% for poor. Borrowed from Dave Ramsey


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"We live in dark times." I've said it and you have probably thought it. So often we feel helpless to make a difference. The negativity can be overwhelming and it bleeds over onto Facebook. Most of us aren't in a position to impact the world on a grand scale. But we can impact the people around us. And if enough of us do that, together, we can impact the world.

Here's my challenge to you. Starting September 1,2014 for 30 days, type a blessing to 3 people per day on Facebook. That's it.

There are three main objectives to this "Challenge".

1. To bless and encourage our fellow travelers on this highway of life.

2. To be a light on Facebook instead of cursing the darkness.

3. To get into the habit of blessing people with our words.

These blessings can be expressions of appreciation, sincere compliments, affirmations, prophetic blessing, etc. It can be short or long, simple or elegant. That part doesn't matter. What matters is that it's sincere.

You can pick three people and give them each a blessing for 30 days. Or pick 90 people and give them each a blessing, 3 per day. Or whatever combination you wish. If possible do 3 per day, not 90 in one day. Catching up a day or two is fine, but stacking them all up misses part of the benefit.

Be public on Facebook with it if possible. (See objective #2.) If that's outside your comfort zone, do it anyway. (grin) You won't regret it in the end. If that absolutely isn't an option, but you would like to participate, join in and send private messages.

Feel free to invite as many people as you can to this event. You can do direct invites or share this event. Inviting throughout the event is fine too because joining in part ways through is just fine! Just jump in and get busy blessing people!

If 3 per day overwhelms you then commit to 1 per day. Or whatever works for you. Ideally you would commit to 3 per day for 30 days, but go with what works for you.

If you want to tag posts about this use #30x3Challenge as your hashtag.

Remember, this is about getting some blessings out there, not about beating anyone over the head for not meeting an arbitrary standard!

Are you in?

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