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6 Ways to Win at Swagbucks!

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6 ways to win Swagbucks points that can be exchanged for free stuff! My favorite way is to redeem my points and using 450 points will get you a $5 Amazon gift card; that I then use to buy stuff from Amazon that I really want!

1. First thing in the morning I get the daily poll out of my way! It doesn't take very much time at all to do it. 

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Under the Answer button in the drop down, click on Daily Polls, and click on the answer you want. The click on the Vote button. A pop up will tell you that you won 1 point. I do not do- the watch a video to get 2 more. It takes too much of my time!

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You can X out of the above winning notification and look and see how your vote coincided with the other people's votes if you'd like! 

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2. The second way to earn quickly is with the NOSO-

Go to the Discover tab  on the top bar, in the drop down, click on NOSO.

Click on the round red button that says Start Earning Now
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You will have several pages come up. You do not have to enter any of your information. (I encourage you not to or you will get alot of spam from these companies.) Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Skip or See Next Offer like the pictures below show. 

 photo 12_zpsddbc35fb.png

 photo 515b7ec9-af46-486d-ac65-dfd7930da53e_zpsd4095f50.jpg

Click on those buttons and do the same on each new page until you come to a page similar to this below. Follow the directions to answer it. There is a hint to help you solve it on the bottom right if you need it. Click the Submit button.

 photo c755b19b-0544-4532-a09f-2b3577715c1e_zps5a6bfbdb.jpg

Then you will get a page notifying you that you won 2 points for doing the NOSO path. Takes just a few seconds to click through to the end!!

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3. You can get Swagbucks by searching for anything and it will randomly give you Swagbucks. Search first thing in the morning until you win, again around noon, and in the evening. I search for things when I'm waiting on the car's oil change, or for my husband to finish his shopping, etc.

Some people use it for anything they search online. I have found that name brand things starting with capital letters will quicker give me Swagbucks. Others say things written in a question form will give you Swagbucks. I will search for something on the web and then click images on the left for the same search. I will sometimes get Swagbucks for it in images and not in the web search! In the picture below I searched for fuzzy aloe socks and won 8 swagbucks!

A popup will pop up to let you know you earned Swagbucks but you need to enter a case sensitive word so they know you aren't a robot.

 photo 5a3773b1-2db6-4608-864b-0627a59dba8c_zpsd59b5307.jpg

Then the completed notification pops up!

 photo bd70776d-a151-43ef-8f09-51ef84147713_zpscf5a0d9b.jpg

4. I also earn Swagbucks by friending Swagcodez on facebook and they will give you links of where to find Swagbucks in your Facebook News Feed. 

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In my Facebook News Feed was this link:

 photo 5_zps3ca124ae.png

and the link sent me here:

 photo 2e0735a4-ce0c-4d8b-af86-5be9bc5f3140_zps1d6b08dc.jpg

Copy the Swag code and paste it in the Enter Swag Code box that drops down when you click on the wheel looking thing to the left of the green box that shows how many Swagbucks you have. In the top right of the blue bar.

 photo 060bf704-489a-496e-826e-98787cb27863_zpsced6ce75.jpg

Or it could be one that sends you to the blog to get all of it like this one below:

 photo 6a_zps72eb2122.png

I clicked on the Blog link and it took me to the Swagbucks blog. Search through the writing for something that looks like this.

 photo 6b_zps750c5771.png

Choose which one you want and copy and paste it into the drop down box when you click on the wheel looking thing to the left of the green box that shows how many Swagbucks you have. In the top right of the blue bar.

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5. The fifth way to earn Swagbucks is to watch the Swagbucks TV. Well, I don't have time to watch the videos so I just get one started, turn the computer volume off and let it play as I do my housework or other computer work.

My son will keep the Swagbucks TV going as he does school. Clicking on the next one as he is working. He just keeps the volume off so he doesn't have to listen to it!

Edited: They have changed this section a bit. I'm not going to upload new pics. It now looks like this at the top-
 photo 1111_zps485a28d2.png

 photo 5c88a1c6-a00f-49bb-8ffb-699a357057f3_zps8edaea1a.jpg

Every once in a while I click to that page and if the meter has moved up I click on the next video until I win points! Then I start it on another round of "watching"!

 photo 1fb1185e-3725-472d-9397-5b840a4cfec5_zpse86d2c40.jpg

 photo 69e23c4a-4bdc-4615-a17d-7019094917c9_zps3daee784.jpg

You can only "watch" a video once in a day. If you've already viewed one, then this will pop up to tell you! 
 photo 4e5c0607-d579-47c9-a25f-f3642e02d5b2_zps92758fb9.jpg


6. The final but easiest way to earn Swagbucks is by inviting your friends to sign up under your referral. You win matching Swagbucks per their Swagbucks for the first 1000 Swagbucks they win. You don't have to do any work!

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So here's my referral for you to sign up!

You win Swagbucks points that can be exchanged for free stuff! My favorite way to redeem my points is for 450 points you can get $5 Amazon gift cards that I then use to buy stuff from Amazon that I really want! You can get stuff totally free this way! LOVE it!

(There are other ways to win by doing the Swagstakes but they use your points and just maybe you will win. I never do those as it's too much a gamble.
There are games to play too but not worth my time!)

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