Monday, November 12, 2012

Mama's Healing Salve

My friend, Leslie, makes a home made salve for an over all healing salve. My son slid down the stairs and got a bad carpet burn on his leg that just wasn't healing with regular antibiotic ointment for over a week. It was almost totally healed in 4 days with the use of this Mama's Healing Salve. He said it soothed it and made it feel better! He uses it for acne on his face nowadays! Go like her facebook page and try it!
Blessings! TinaJewel


TinaJewel said...

Richard's Review~
Warning: Blatant Product Plug Ahead (I get no compensation for it. It's just an honest opinion.)

My hands are very familiar with all kinds of damage. I have spent nearly my entire life in construction, plus I spent a lot of time cutting up wild game. Even now I get cuts and scrapes on a regular basis. (In addition to my sales job, I repair all the buildings that come back.)

For years my go-to solution was triple antibiotic salve and a band-aid. Simple and it worked. After we moved to Texas Tina started wanting to use a salve that a friend of ours made. I was pretty reluctant. No good reason, just didn't trust it. But it won me over. I don't even know if I own any triple antibiotic salve. Don't need it. I use this salve from our friend Leslie. It's much better. My cuts heal quicker. I think it works for a lot of other stuff too. Not sure what all. I do know it hasn't fixed my addled brain yet. There's always hope.

Anyways, my friend set up a Facebook page for her salve. Guess she is going to make a little business out of it. Go check it out and buy some. Use it. You will love it.

PS. She has a picture with the ingredient list on it. She even describes the process of making it. You could make your own if you wanted to. But you would be nuts. Well, there is that .01% of you that it would make sense to make your own. The rest of you? Just buy several jars. It ain't worth the expense and hassle of making your own.

TinaJewel said...

Mama's Healing Salve's own review~
You would use it the same way you would any ointment, such as A & D. There's nothing in it that would be harmful if taken internally. I've used it as a lip balm...I suppose that it would work on mouth sores, as well. But, primarily, it is a topical ointment for all sorts of "owies" and skin problems.

TinaJewel said...

"Okay, I gotta vouch for this's working. Tomorrow will be two weeks since M got a grisly rope burn on her ankle from the dog. For the first ten+ days I put Neosporin and gauze/non stick pads on it and it was barely starting to heal. Some days it was still very red and raw.
The last three to four days I've been putting the salve on it and it's healed more in three days than in the previous ten!'s scabbing in some spots and in others it's like it's closing over without a true scab! Wonderful stuff!! "

TinaJewel said...

Amen on the wonderful salve. I had one of my sister in laws use this stuff on her face after their accident and she said she was impressed with how good she felt after using it and she doesn't have an scaring as far as I know. I usually try to keep at least one bottle on hand just so I don't run out.
I also used it on my legs this summer when they got so sun burnt and it felt good.

TinaJewel said...

I keep forgetting to tell you, but this salve has won all credibility for healing dog fight, bit up ears! It was incredible to see how fast the dogs ears healed up once we began applying it.

TinaJewel said...

I can tell all of you this is a wonderful salve. Helps my winter chapped hands to heal. Recently had a tick embedded in my neck. Dr. had to surgically open and remove head which snapped off when I tried to remove the tick. The wound was angry red, itchy and sore. After 2 days using the salve it is on the way to good healing with all symptoms nearly gone. Thanks. I will be a "forever customer".